Atop Mt Dickerman

Ron atop Mt Dickerman Sept 1999Ron on top of Mt Dickerman Oct 5, 2000Ron atop Mt Dickerman Sep 24, 2001Ron atop Mt Dickerman Sep 24, 2001Ron atop Mt Dickerman Sep 24, 2001Ron's annual hike of Mt. Dickerman... very cloudy day this time.<br />Ron on the peak of Mt Dickerman... poor view this day. 08/16/2003Ron's hike to Goat Flats, near Three Fingers Mtn 08/22/03<br />3:10 up to Goat Flats, another :45 to a viewpoint of Tin Can pass,<br />2:40 all the way back to the car... a long day.<br />Self portrait at my lunch stop.Ron's Mt Dickerman hike 08/25/2006<br />3800' elevation gain, 4hrs up, 3hrs down.Ron on top of Mt Dickerman Sep 21, 2007Ron on Mt Dickerman Sep 30, 2008Mt Dickerman Hike 08/30/2009 Glacier Peak in the right center distance.<br />Ron Black makes it again! 4:15 to the top, 2:30 to get back down.<br />Not a terrible performance at 77.Ron, atop Mt Dickerman Aug 25, 2010<br />Here I am again, 4.5 hrs climbing to reach the top, and another 3 hrs to get back to the car! I'm happy at age 78 to be doing this stuff at all! That is Glacier Peak at the right... snow melting back a lot compared to prior years. At left is Mt Forgotten, with Mt Pugh just left of my head.

This is a short collection of photos taken of Ron Black on the peak of Mt Dickerman, a popular tough hike in the mountains east of Granite Falls in the Cascade mountain range of Washington state.   The several missing years were due to travels to other regions at this time of year.   The three photos taken in Sept 2001 were accomplished  just eight weeks after my quad heart bypass surgery!   I am very grateful to be atop mountains after having that heart condition so well treated!   Thanks to Dr. Brevig of Providence Regional Medical Center at Everett, WA.

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