Here is my latest Panorama of Downtown Seattle, as viewed from West Seattle.   It was taken Feb 19, 2011 using my Canon 40D DSLR camera and 70-200mm f/4 L lens, which provides excellent detail resolution.  That day was clear, but quite cold and windy, so it was not pleasant to be outside for very long.   My carbon fibre tripod was  just adequate to  support the camera during the gusty wind, and I am pleased with the results.   PaintShopPro X2 was used to edit the images, and the seven images were stitched together using PanaVue ImageAssembler software.  My computer was unable to save the file at full size, due to memory limitations, but after resizing the file to 150 pixels/inch it was able to be saved as a 12.7MB file.  

The first print I've ordered is 1:6 ratio,  5" H by 30" W, and is shown in a web resolution format below.  

A second version of the panorama is available as a 4:1 crop, 8" H x 32" W, and is shown as the second image below, at a web resolution format.

A 100% resolution crop from the full sized panorama file is displayed below as well, so you can see the clarity of details that should be contained in the full sized panorama print.  

Here is the 6:1 Ratio Crop Panorama of file 7343-7348C-2.jpg  (shown at  75 pixels/inch resolution):    

Panorama Image: 7343-7348C-2-75 PPI.JPG

Here is an alternative 4:1 ratio Crop Panorama of file 7343-7348C-3.jpg (shown at 75 pixels/inch resolution):

Seattle Panorama 75 ppi

A 100% size
(2580 W x 2390 H pixels) crop from the full sized panorama image file is here:   

100% crop from original Image

Please ask me for a quote for price and delivery costs of a glossy print of the 6:1 image 7343-7348C-2.jpg,  5" H  x  30" W,  mounted on 3/16" White Foamboard,  produced by as a professional display print on Kodak Endura professional paper.

I'll quote the second version of the panorama 4:1 image 7343-7348C-3.jpg print,  8" H  x 32" W. mounted on 3/16" Black foamboard,  
produced by as a professional display print on Kodak Endura professional paper upon request as well.

The costs will be rather similar, even though the 4:1 print is larger in size than the 6:1 version.

Please contact me via email:    Ron Black Email

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