Boulder River Aug 2011

Boulder River Aug 2011<br />Fran signs the register as we start our hike.Boulder River Aug 2011<br />Fran finds the trail is easy to walk.Boulder River Aug 2011<br />Boulder River is running well this August. Boulder River Aug 2011<br />The falls are hard to photograph, due to extremes of sunlight and shadows, plus some trees in the way.Boulder River Aug 2011<br />The twin falls path tracery is interesting to watch.Boulder River Aug 2011<br />The river beyond the falls invites further walking to see more of the canyon.Boulder River Aug 2011<br />Fran waits for the photo to be taken, as these bridges are neat, making ravine crossings easy. Boulder River Aug 2011<br />The large range of light exceeds the camera's abilities. I need to learn to use a High Dynamic Range technique to blend several redundant photos with exposures for the dark and light components properly exposed to render a balanced result image. Perhaps next time around...Boulder River Aug 2011<br />Fran pauses at a huge tree, so we could take a drink.Boulder River Aug 2011<br />Me too....Boulder River Aug 2011<br />Fran inspects a huge tree cutting, with rings adding to maybe 800 years! Boulder River Aug 2011<br />The nails are spaced by 100 years of rings, a total of maybe 800 years!Boulder River Aug 2011<br />Fran pauses on another bridge over a ravine.Boulder River Aug 2011<br />The natural construction appearance of the bridges is appreciated by the hikers.Boulder River Aug 2011<br />The river has a potent energy as it flows down the canyon. Boulder River Aug 2011<br />A last look at the falls as we return to the trailhead.

These are images by Ron Black using his HS10 Fuji "Bridge" camera.   This is a light easy to carry camera with a very wide range zoom lens, convenient to have along on a long hike.

These are images from our August hikes, this one along the Boulder River, not far from Darrington, WA.

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